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MY number one rule for exercising in the shower.

Each week I get some questions drop into my inbox, and I often make time to answer them. But it seems currently as fast as the leaves are departing from their branches people are sending in questions. So Over the next few days or weeks or months or however long this takes, I will try to clear through them. Hopefully, they will be as informative as they are funny.

Everyone here for the shower question scroll down to the second question below.

I'm a big fan of getting out in the wilderness and Autumn might just be my favourite time of year to do it. Get your boots on, grab your D.S Beanie and get off the beaten track and go and explore.

Is it weird to deadlift at a benchpress?

I struggled to fathom how one would even go about this. But then I remembered I had seen some bodybuilders perform RDL's while standing on the bench press. Now to answer the question is it weird........ yes don't do it. The benefit would be that the plates will be able to pass the point of the bench, allowing you to stretch your hamstrings to a higher degree. Firstly I know very few people who require such an extensive range of motion for hamstring stimulation. If you are one of these individuals standing on top of some weight plates will be much more stable than a soft foam bench. Or you could try snatch grip RDL's which will allow a greater ROM as well as increase upper back recruitment 2 birds with one stone and all that jazz

Is it safe to exercise while in the shower?

As long as you do it before you condition your hair that shit is slippery as hell underfoot. Also, Kid's ain't just for Christmas you get more than you bargain for with this kind of exercise.

When should I increase my weight when I'm working out at the gym?

MMMMM this depends totally on your goals. But once you can comfortably handle that particular weight for a 6/7 out of 10, then I'd recommend moving up. You can continue to force adaptions with the same weight but increase reps, sets, total volume, tempo and pauses, for example as well. So you don't always need just to increase weight to keep getting stronger.

Does losing weight lower your metabolism?

If we are talking about weight in just a black and white fashion assuming that no more exercises is happening and no more muscle mass is added then yes, losing weight will lower your resting metabolism. If you ever volunteer for Bear Gryll's the island I'd recommend packing on as much mass as possible beforehand you will decrease your chances of starving to death.

What are the best ways to lose weight?

Net energy deficit!

You can achieve this in fashion you want.

Is using a "fat" bench better?

Im going to assume you're talking about the Thompson Fat pad. Personally, I have never used the fat pad so I can't give you a proper answer. I would love to try one out though to see what it's like. I'm a big fan of Donnie's he puts out a lot of useful information.

Now it's my turn

Have you ever tried a roast beef, roast potatoe, cauliflower cheese with gravy between to pierces of lightly toasted brown bread? No. Well, you ain't lived then, son.

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