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Sports Injury

Maintain peak performance and optimal well-being with our rejuvenating sports massages.

What is a Sports Massage? 

The term 'massage' stems from the Arabic root ‘mass’h’, signifying to touch, knead, or squeeze. Historical records illustrate its use in Ancient China as far back as 1800BC.


Sports massage, a profound form of hands-on therapy, manipulates the body's soft tissue – encompassing skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. It employs deep-seated manipulation to rectify issues stemming from intense physical exertion. This therapeutic approach effectively alleviates tension and reinstates balance within your musculoskeletal system.

Who would benefit from a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is beneficial for those regularly engaged in physical activity, or recuperating from sports injuries. It enhances flexibility and accelerates recovery time.


Here's who might opt for this treatment:


Athletes preparatory to, or recouping from, a sports event.

Individuals rehabilitating from an injury.

People plagued by muscle cramps, bruises, and aches.

Anyone dealing with acute or chronic soft tissue injuries.

However, a sports massage may not suit:


Those with typical massage contraindications such as open wounds, fractured bones, bursitis, periostitis, rheumatoid arthritis, myositis ossificans, skin infections, thrombosis, or coagulation disorders.

Persons seeking a gentle, soothing experience. For a tranquil respite, consider a Relaxation massage.

Our top tips for anyone looking to book a sports massage. 

To maximise the effectiveness of a sports massage, avoid scheduling your session within a week of competition. Ideally, book your appointment 14-21 days prior to the event.


Ensure to remain well hydrated before your appointment. Dehydration can stiffen muscles and fascia, leading to a more intensive massage.


Limit your food intake to light meals at least 3 hours prior to avoid discomfort during the session.


Sports massage uses deep tissue manipulation, so expect a therapeutic rather than a spa-like session.


Post-massage soreness is perfectly normal; it often reveals areas needing attention. Any discomfort should fade within 48 hours, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


Refrain from scheduling a post-massage workout. Instead, indulge in a warm, relaxing bath to prolong the benefits.


If you're a competitive athlete or a regular participant in sports activities, incorporate regular massages into your regimen for optimal physical performance.

The process

Here, our primary objective is to support you on your path to recovery by providing supreme treatment. Our aim is for you to experience the best of health, thereby enabling you to surpass your training goals. Our massage procedure is straightforward.


It commences with an in-depth consultation where we familiarise ourselves with your reasons for booking, undertake mobility tests and palpation to understand your needs better, and then craft a customised treatment plan.


During the massage, communication remains key. I will continuously inform you about what I am doing and why, to ensure you remain engaged in the process.


Post-treatment, based on the issue at hand, we'll reassess via tests or I will guide you through beneficial stretches to aid recovery. If required, we will schedule a subsequent appointment.


My endeavour is to make your therapy journey as comfortable and relaxing as possible, delivering the best possible results for your wellbeing.


Massage Options

30-Minute Sports Massage = £30


Our 30-minute sports massage serves as an excellent introduction for first-timers. It's incredibly effective for post-event recovery or pre-event preparation, providing a succinct but focused session to address targeted areas, help relax overused muscles, and enhance overall functional movement, maximising your performance in competitions, races, or training sessions.


45-Minute Sports Massage = £45


Our 45-minute sports massage is designed for those requiring a comprehensive recovery plan. It deals with chronic stress areas due to prolonged physical activities, and can aid in muscle maintenance during intense training periods. This massage duration offers more time to work the tissue thoroughly and relieve those areas of discomfort, a perfect solution for a deeper post-competition or training recovery.


60-Minute Sports Massage = £50


Ideal for athletes or active individuals who require detailed work on specific muscle groups, our 60-minute sports massage provides the time needed for thorough treatment. It allows for comprehensive manipulation of soft tissues to help you prepare for, or recover from, demanding competitions. This extensive session is excellent for addressing persistent aches, improving performance, or accelerating healing of sports injuries.


Custom Membership Options = £??? per month


If you’re gearing up for significant competitions that demand rigorous training, consider our custom massage membership options. Regular, scheduled massages can help enhance performance, improve endurance, reduce the risk of injury, and speed up recovery to enable continuous intensive training. The frequency of massages can be tailored to your training schedule and needs, making your membership a supportive component of your training regime.


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