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Devanney Strength was founded on the motto "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam" which translates to - I'll either find a way or make one. We are a global strength and conditioning organisation, based in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. We have a relentless commitment to help our community exceed their own expectations. Providing personal training, strength and conditioning sessions in personal or small group settings. Also, extending our reach with online coaching to help strength athletes around the world. Catering for complete beginners all the way up to competitive athletes. 


It started back in 2012, realising the potential the barbell held to positively impact both physical and mental development. This is what drove our passion in the beginning and it still does today.  The Devanney Strengths story is one of grit, perseverance and, integrity.  


We are built around 
five key values:


We pride ourselves on consistency, dependability, and thoroughness.


We aim to maintain an environment that is upbeat, friendly, and full of passion every single day. 


N0 4-week fads or milkshake diets here.
Real Results for Real people.


The pursuit of constant improvement and unwavering commitment to our community.

The D.S Method

The D.S method is about more than simply lifting weights – our method encompasses the entire physical and mental development of our community.


We take the best aspects from Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and, Strongman – combining them into a hybrid program. This results in our clients being strong, resilient and athletic.

Practice what you preach. Do what you say you will do. Finish what you start.


meet the team

Looking for a fun and extremely brutal w

Jordan Devanney

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Can calculate the weight of any loaded barbell in sub 3's, self-confessed barbell snob and most handsome man in the world according to his mum.

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Dean collins

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The number 1 twin according to himself. Some say he's the best masseuse in Aylesbury, he can work out a knot in sub 5 seconds.  

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