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strongwoman Sundays

The clue's in the name - It's STRONGwoMAN, it gets you STRONG.

Strongwoman training builds both strength and fitness at that same time, so its perfect for building a strong and athletic physique. These sessions involve log pressing, farmers carries, yoke walks, sandbag carries, squats, deadlifts, truck pulls and so much more. Strongwoman training is a workout like no other but most importantly its just dam fun to be outside training and getting stronger and fitter than you ever thought possible.

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The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy is perpetuated by woman who fear work and men who fear women.

Get involved

Strongwoman Takes place on Sunday Mornings, and runs from 10:00-12:00. You don't need any special equipment just some water and normal gym clothing. However, avoid the shiny under-amour type clothing as it can be slippery on equipment. All levels welcome as all weights can be adjusted to make them manageable.

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