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Fasted Cardio - can you accelerate weight loss by running or working out on an empty stomach???

So it begins lets kick off this Q & A with the old fasted cardio question as this one pops up in the inbox so often.

The question is: can you accelerate weight loss by running or working out on an empty stomach ??? 

This photo isn't relevant to the post however pulling a fire engine will always be cool.

The short answer is no. It seems logical that if you workout in a fasted state your current body mass will be used to fuel the session and thus more weight will be lost. But it isn't quite this simple while it is true that more fat is burned during the session in fasted v feed training fat burned in the remaining hours is less. Studies show that with the same caloric intake both end up being pretty much bang on equal in terms of fat loss. 

In my opinion, I find it far easier to hit peak performance in training if I'm feed so my increases in strength and fitness will come faster if I train feed I believe training should be about more than just looking good so I will always choose an increase in ability over a slightly lower body fat level. 

Practical application's

Train in whichever way allows you to be most consistent. If this means upon waking and fasted or feed and later in the day so be it. LIFE ISN'T PERFECT do what you can with what you have available. 

But remember that the timing of training relative to feeding does not impact the rate of body fat loss in the long term. 

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