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Discipline = FReedom

I'm going to start by saying that this short and not so sweet blog will probably ruffle a few feathers it might even upset you a little, and you know what im fine with that. So get your self a brew and put on classic FM or whatever you need to keep your self zen.

Currently, I'm in the in the least tranquil place you could imagine because some idiot has hit the fire alarm which happens to be situated 4 feet directly above my head at the desk and it has been going off now for a solid 50min's now.

The thing I want to address in this post is Ownership. I want you to become aware that you are responsible for your problems or shortcomings or whatever you want to call them.

It's nobody else's fault that you skipped your training sessions.

It's nobody else's fault that you decided to stop eating healthy

It's nobody else's fault that you messed up at work

It's nobody else's fault you decided you hit the snooze button on your Alarm and now you're running late.

I think you can see the trend here.

I mean sure I get it I understand why we play the blame game for our problems because it gives us comfort nobody wants to admit that it's their fault because it's hard to take it forces us to admit a weakness and nobody wants to do that. But its exactly want you need to do in order to take Ownership of them and move forward and make progress.

Let me turn it around.

Is it your fault if I don't check in on Sunday to make sure my online Client's programs are up on time?

Is it your fault if I don't stay at work until 23:00 to make sure I have set up our advertising?

Is it your fault that I forget to set my Alarm for my 06:00 am Client?

Of course, it's not all of those things are up to me, and they are my fault if they don't get done. Sure I don't want to sit here after hours and do advertising, but I do because I'm disciplined because I know that if I don't take Ownership then they will not get done and it would be impossible for me to run the Devanney Strength Business.

So be honest with your self take Ownership of the things holding you back. And prioritise start with the hardest and work your way through the list. But remember that it's up to you nobody else.

"Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say" - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

That quote is a favourite of mine. I always remind myself of this, and it forces me to set an example, lead from the front by doing. You will not catch my skipping a training session or failing not to get the work done because what kind of example does this set for the facility.

We have a less eloquently put saying down the unit.

" Don't F**king Talk about it, BE about it"!!!!

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