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When you hate your coach for giving you so much volume,​ then remember you write your programming

Updated: May 3, 2019

Truck pulls make you look 80% more Jacked that you are so going of this I need more hypertrophy

So yesterday marked the first day of prep for Lancing's Strongest Man. I will be competing in the u90kg category I know I know under 90kg more like Lancings strongest child haha. I have spent the past month or so sorting my nutrition out and getting a ton of cardiovascular conditioning done for a couple reasons really I needed to drop about a stone to be at comp weight and being fit makes it much easier to recover between sets and when your sets are truck pulls I want all the recovery I can get.

I'm pleased to say that I'm 90kg and feeling good at this weight 13 weeks of training to go let's see what I can do in that time.

So the first phase of this program is all about laying the foundations for the second phase, it's not quite an anatomical adaption phase as the percentage is too high, but it's not exactly a peaking block. The purpose is to get a ton of assistance work done on potentially vulnerable areas such as the lower back, and I'm currently recovering from a shoulder injury which I sustained at soft play yep that super crazy type of "SOFT" play so I'm just making it less fragile. It's also a time to get a lot of training done on the events but at lighter weights to help build efficiency and mastery of the movements.

Yesterday Training program

Warm up

A1 - Birddog's x60

A2 - Side Plank 3x20's each side

A3 - Deadbug x40

A4 - Banded rotator cuff work 3x15 both internal and external

*I just do this in one go no rest


B1 - Belt Squat 4x30 (Narrow, Normal, Wide)

B2 - KB Swing 4x30

*Executed back to back no rest at all get some blood in the legs and open up the hips.


C1- Safety Bar Squat 3x6@70%

C2- Safety Bar Squat 3x6@70%

C3- Safety Bar Squat 3x6@70%

*That's not a type 3 waves of squats each wave is separated by 10mins rest but yeah 9 sets of squats is pretty savage.


D1- Walking Lunges 3x40

*Rest 60's max


E1- GluteHam Raises 3xMAX

*Rest 60's max

Strongman Conditioning

F1 - Yoke 4x50m

*Weight not heavy but focusing on stride and core tightness. Trying to move smoothly.

Im keeping my eye on the clock and getting my session done in 90mins max so this means smashing the assistance work.

Mondays Food intake.

05:30am - 7x whole egg, 2 pieces of Bread

11:15am - 300g 5% Beef, 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 320g Potato.

07:30pm - 200g Chicken 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 450g Potato.

09:45pm - 500g Skyr, 2 apples, a Handful of Cashews.

Water intake - 5.4L

Right its time to start Tuesdays Session I'll fill you in tomorrow.

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