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Different Types of Periodisation for Strength Training

So, you want to get really really strong? who doesn't? But how? Oh, that's a good question! Well, the answer lies in making sure that your training has some form or periodisation. Understanding periodisation isn't rocket science but it isn't far off.

Periodisation is a huge subject that we could spend hours and hours and fill hundreds and hundreds of pages discussing. The goal of this series of blog posts is to give a deep understanding of each of the main methods and give you the ability to select the system/method that works best for you and your goals.

Here's what you can expect coming up in the series.

Article 1: Linear periodisation

Article 2: Reverse linear periodisation

Article 3: Block periodisation

Article 4: Conjugate sequence periodisation

Article 5: Daily undulating periodisation (DUP)

Article 6: Weekly undulating periodisation (WUP)

I will give a brief history of each system, talk about how it works and provide examples. Also talk what it's good and bad points are in my experience.

We live in an age of information and have access to a wealth of it at our fingertips. For those interested in strength training and especially periodisation, this means that we have more choices than ever before as to where we can find information and who will give it to us.

However, with so much information out there can be dizzying, and knowing where to start or what to look for can be difficult for a beginner. As such, we hope that this article series gives the reader the foundation of knowledge equipping them to select with confidence the style or periodisation for them allowing them to break plateau's and achieve their goals.

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