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Clarity is an essential​ part of productivity

Recently I have been asked how I manage to stay productive while managing or should I say Juggling so many things at once.

To be totally honest this wasn't something I was gifted with I had to learn how to become productive and it took resorting to some pretty old school methods like using a pen and paper yeah I know who even owns those things any more.

But I use to same methods from planning my own training, the teams training private clients training all way down to our marketing and advertising to where want the business to be in 5 years.

Then end goal or subject might be different but the methods used are the same, well at least by me that is.

If your anything like me then I'm sure you feel swamped by all tasks at hand, you have work deadlines, errands to run, training to fit in, emails to answer the list just grows and grows and before you know it your sat scrolling through Instagram or facebook sort of hiding in virtual zombie state playing the old if I can't see it its not there thing that kids do.

As you're reading this, I Imagine that your probably not a kid so I'm going to teach you how to handle these things like an adult. But just in case you are a kid here are some rules for you to follow.

Squats - front, back, overhead use barbells dumbbells or anything you can get your hands-on practice this movement like your life depends on it.

3 Meals - Eat 3 solid meals every day include protein, carbohydrates and fats in each one!

Hydration - Water might taste disgusting now but just get over it being dehydrated makes you useless.

Santa - He's not real, Sorry not sorry.

Anyway, let's get onto taking that productivity into overdrive.

Before you start any tasks, you must define your goals. Clarity is an essential part of productivity. You can't work unless you know what you have to do.

Don't just do this in your head.

Get your self a pen and a notebook and write them down. Productivity improves by 25% when using a list.

Now prioritise those goals into an order of importance. You can use a number sequence or an alphabet style system I don't care what you use as long as you can identity task of importance and others which don't matter so much.

Remember the tasks of the most important should be aligned with your goal. If they are not they you will lack clarity and focus.

Eat the biggest frog first.

Most people start well actually most people don't start, but those who do usually begin with the easiest task first. Fuck that you only have a finite amount of focus each day don't waste it on low priority tasks. Go straight in for the big job and do not move on until it's done. By all means, have breaks and break it down into smaller chunks but stick with it until it's done.

As you do them check them off the list, it will keep you motivated for the next task.

There is no such thing as success without discipline and training. This might sound like something a kung fu guru might say, and well I'm okay with that because kung fu is badass.

But a Machine functions best when it's well maintained. In this instance, your body and brain is your machine, if you are training it hard, you must allow it time to rest and recovery. Just like servicing your car, your body needs proper rest each day.

Get yourself 7-8hr's sleep every night when you're well-rested you be much more efficient. Personally, I recommend getting to bed by 10 and getting up at 5am yes I'm apart of the 5am club.

I feel like getting up at 5am gives you a competitive edge over your competition. It's much easier to enter flow state at this time because the rest of the world is asleep, so nobody distracts you. I find the work I do at 5-6 is worth a normal 3/4hrs during the day because of this.

But the most crucial take-home of this blog is you must define your goals without this you have no idea to the direction in which you should drive your efforts, often leading to hard work toiling a tree that bears no fruit, finishing your day exhausted but no closer to your goals. When you know clearly what your goals are, you can stop wasting time with pointless tasks and put more effort into the ones that will move you forward.

Thanks for reading this blog; hopefully, it can help you move towards your goals more efficiently and faster.

I always used to apologies for the inevitable grammatical and spelling mistakes that would be eminent throughout any of my writings or when closing a blog but I see this more now as an unintentional bending of the English language. I'm not here to play by the rules I'm here to get shit done!

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