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Team training

Devanney Strength is first and foremost about creating a community and bringing together a group of like-minded individuals. Our program, however, is about becoming strong explosive and conditioned.


We combine the explosive power of Olympic weightlifting, the static strength of power-lifting and the strength endurance and grit of strongman events into a simple but highly effective training program. The results are unstoppable resilient athletes. 


Our team program is designed in accordance with the most advanced periodisation available, I have left no stone unturned in the development of this method. Each member will train under the watchful eye of head coach, Jordan Devanney every session. He will be there to provide constant technique evaluation and corrections.

How team

training works

Team Training Takes place 4x per week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and, Friday with optional extra event sessions on the weekends. All team session last between 60-90mins. There will be two sessions each evening with 6-8 available slots in each session. 


All members will receive a mobility and flexibility test each month and be provided with a custom stretching program. All members will receive in-depth nutritional analysis and help to develop a nutritional strategy to support their goals and training. All Sessions are planned and coached by head coach Jordan Devanney.

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Joining the team

Becoming a Member is a simple as making an inquiry. We welcome everyone from complete beginners (never touched a barbell before) to those bored of traditional gym's and training, all the way up to competitive athletes. Membership is however limited to only a few places!! 


This is because all members receive 1-2-1 coaching, to ensure that every single member gets the attention they deserve. With program alterations, immediate technique evaluation and feedback required. At Devanney Strength we want to over deliver to a few rather than underdeliver to many. 


If membership is full it's still possible to inquire about a place and you will be notified immediately if any space becomes available. We will be reviewing membership numbers quarterly with the possibility of adding more spaces but this is not guaranteed. 

Thanks! Message sent.

If you do then send us a message to see if theres any spaces available. 

Have you got what
it takes to be part
of the team? 

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