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Week 1 Day 2 - These dam waves will test your character


This Session was a lot tougher than yesterdays. After finishing the second log wave, I wasn't sure that I'd end the session, but mum didn't raise no quitter, so I just pushed on and got the work done, I mean what else are you going to do?

I got a couple questions about the warm-up/prep phase regarding the first session it shouldn't take more than 10min's to complete. The weights are very light; the goal is movement I want to get blood into the muscles that are about to be subject to the vicious strength waves. You should be sweating but not knackered if your dead after the prep you using to much weight.

Yesterday Training program

Warm up

A1 - Birddog's x60

A2 - Side Plank 3x20's each side

A3 - Deadbug x40

A4 - Banded rotator cuff work 3x15 both internal and external

*Everyday dam day. Yeah, it's boring, but you know just do it what are you 5.


B1 - Barbell shoulder press 4x30 (Narrow, Normal, Snatch Grip BTN)

B2 - DB Snatch 4x30 (15 each arm)

*Executed back to back no rest my shoulders and traps were pumped from this little prep but going into the log my injured shoulder felt the best yet.


C1- Log FTOH 3x6@70%

C2- Log FTOH 3x6@70%

*These waves are brutal I wasn't resting correctly and giving my self like 60's so had to forcibly set a timer to slow down.


D1- Axle FTOH 3x6@70%

D2- Axle FTOH 3x6@70%

*These felt 10x easier than the log maybe its all the oly lifting making the power clean and power jerk feel easy. At this point, I was just getting the work done.


E1- Dumbbell Row 3x20

E2- Dumbbell Bench 3x20

E3- Dumbbell Lateral Raise 3x20

*These are done as a giant set one after the other Rest 60's max between sets. The pump is intense, and everyone loves a pump.

Strongman Conditioning

F1 - Zercher Carry 4x50m

*Weight not heavy just trying to condition my forearms as it hurts lol

Tuesdays Food intake

05:30am - 7x whole egg, 2 pieces of Bread

11:15am - 300g 5% Beef, 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 320g Potato.

07:30pm - 200g Chicken 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 265g Rice.

09:45pm - 500g Skyr, 2 apples, a Handful of Cashews.

Water intake - 5.4L

Thought of the day.

Self Disipline is the number one trait needed to achieve goals. Set your Alarm clock early and get up when it goes off stop hitting the snooze button your not six.

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