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Should woman follow a different diet to men?

Excellent question: Should men and woman follow different diets?

Did you even eat a healthy meal if you didn't take a picture of it?

The Answer to the actual question in short........NO

When it comes to planning a successful diet the most important difference come down to size and daily activity opposed to gender.

When it comes to planning a successful diet the most important difference comes down to size and daily activity as opposed to gender. You could very well argue that men are bigger on average and would, therefore, require more calories but this is just splitting hairs for the sake of argument.

So yes on average men are larger than woman and would, therefore, be able to get away with consuming more calories but the difference is their relative size and not specifically gender.

A larger human who is also very active will require significantly more calories than a small not so active human. It is however totally possible for a small very active human to need more calories than a larger not so active human.

The most important factors when it comes to deciding you caloric intake requirements are.

Age, Height, Weight and daily activity levels.

You can have a fairly large impact on your daily requirements by moving/exercises. Walking or riding to work on a daily basis is a productive and efficient way to allow a larger margin of error within the diet and still make it impactful.

Some observations I have made other the years.

Men you can probably ditch the protein shakes you already eating 19,000g's per kg Don't worry you won't lose all your gains............... or will you?

Ladies you rarely consume anywhere near the correct amount of protein. Add some more chicken to that plate, but make sure its definitely not more than 234.82g's or you will end up looking like Arnie donning an M16! Sorry guys this is only a side effect for women. Like I said put that goddam protein shake down we don't care about your bloody anabolic window.

Everyone eat more bloody vegetables, Jesus they are a really good way to get micronutrients and fill you up when you on lower calorie intake.

O yeah, mince pies reduce body fat by 15% if consumed between meals, change my mind!

I'll finish this with the nerely adopted Devanney Strength motto -

By Endurance we Conquer

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