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My Erectors are a little Tender (W1D3)

Well, muscle soreness is 100% worse when in a calorie deficit. Today's session is all about preparing for a Car deadlift which I'm super excited about I have no idea the weight yet, so It's a little hard to plan for but either way, it's not going to hurt to get stronger so we will aim for this until I know the weight. Ton's of work for the posterior chain because there is no substitute for a weak lumber. If your lower back is weak, your whole body is weak do everything you can to strengthen it!!

Warm up

A1 - Birddog's x60

A2 - Side Plank 3x20's each side

A3 - Deadbug x40

A4 - Banded rotator cuff work 3x15 both internal and external


B1 - Belt Squat 4x30 (Narrow, Normal, Wide)

B2 - Single leg RDL 4x20

When performing the single leg RDL's, I like to focus on gripping the floor with my foot. You'll be amazed and the difference this makes to balance and execution.


C1- Trap Bar Deadlift 3x6x3 @70%

C2- Trap Bar Deadlift 3x6x3 @70%

C3 - Trap Bar Deadlift 3x6x3 @70%

9 working sets on deadlift - my erectors are feeling a little tender I won't lie. Played it sensible and did all sets at 192.5kg the 2.5kg is because the bar is an odd weight. If anything the only thing that hurt was my bloody hands.


D1- GHD - Hip Extension 3x20

This is my favourite exercise to use to strengthen the lumbar as well as cue good hip hinge. Nothing I repeat nothing can make up for a weak lower back do everything you can to turn that thing to granite.

Strongman Conditioning

E1 - Truck Pull 4x50m

The heavens opened right before I was going to start this and anyone who's tried pulling a truck in the rain is just too slippery, and you spend more time on the floor than anything else, so I opted to be productive and change the exercise last min. Truck pulls are usually brutal on the lower body and lungs, so 60's Max effort belt squat triple extensions x4 my optimism faded precisely 10's into the first set. Roughly '40s in this exercise drags you so deep into the pain cave, but hey that's exactly where I like to be.

05:30am - 7x whole egg, 2 pieces of Bread

11:15am - 300g 5% Beef, 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 320g Potato.

07:30pm - 200g Chicken 225g Bell Peppers, 75g Onion, 265g Rice.

09:45pm - 500g Skyr, 2 apples, a Handful of Cashews.

Water intake - 5.4L

Thought of the day.

What would you attempt if you knew it was impossible to fail? What's stopping you?

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