Aylesbury's leading Strength & Conditioning, Small Group Personal Training Facility

about us

As Aylesbury's Leading Strength & Conditioning Facility and Small Group Personal Training Facility. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a service head and shoulders above the rest. With both our private gym and functional fitness studio we provide a wide range of services from Strength & Conditioning to weight management. We have a relentless commitment to helping our community exceed their own expectations regardless of their age or ability.

Our Mission

To help people realise their physical and mental potential. To help them develop a physically robust body and an indomitable will to match. Allowing them to become the strongest version of themselves living life to the very fullest through strength training. 

Our Five Key Values


We pride ourselves on consistency, dependability, and thoroughness


The pursuit of constant improvement and unwavering commitment to our community


Practice what you preach. If your going to do something go all the way see it through.


We maintain an environment that is upbeat, friendly, and full of passion every single day.


No 4-week fads or milkshake diets here. We help real people get real results. 

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meet the team

Jordan Devanney

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Can calculate the weight of any loaded barbell in sub 3's, self-confessed barbell snob and most handsome man in the world according to his mum.

Dean collins

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The number 1 twin according to himself. Some say he's the best masseuse in Aylesbury, he can work out a knot in sub 5 seconds.  


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Can Identify any font within 300 yards. Strongman competitor, currently holding the title of Britains Strongest Natural U105kg. 

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