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The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Within every obstacle is the opportunity to improve our condition.

Why Devanney Strength

Devanney Strength is Aylesburys leading Strength & Conditioning / Personal Training service. No other fitness business in the surrounding area comes close to competing with the meticulous attention to detail that we provide to our clients.  Our current clientele ranges from high-level strength athletes to post-op patients, with the youngest being 12 and the oldest 80; we tailor our approach to suit your needs. This all starts with us listening to you and your goals. 

Our Mission

To help people realise their physical and mental potential. To help them develop a physically robust body and an indomitable will to match. Allowing them to become the strongest version of themselves living life to the very fullest through strength training. 

Our Five Key Values

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We pride ourselves on consistency, dependability, and thoroughness.

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The pursuit of constant improvement and unwavering commitment to ours and our clients development.

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Practice what you preach. If your going to do something go all the way see it through.

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We maintain an environment that is upbeat, friendly, and full of passion every single day.

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No 4-week fads or milkshake diets here. We help real people get real results. 


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