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What the Fork

"Nourishing Minds, Fueling Bodies: Your Partner in Nutrition Education"

Be first and help us iron out the kinks

Join The Trial Run of "What The Fork" Educational Program

We're excited to announce that the What The Fork online educational program is now ready for its initial trial run — and we're looking for 10 passionate participants to join us!


Are you motivated to learn more about nutrition, sift through the fad diets, and gain the knowledge to make well-informed health decisions? Are you eager to add meaningful value to your daily meal preparations, understand the science behind what you eat, and further your personal journey towards wellness?


If so, then you are the perfect fit for our pioneering group. We're opening the doors for 10 special applicants to help us run through the course, experience firsthand what What The Fork can offer, and assist us in refining the effectiveness and operation of the program.


Our Expectations:

As part of the trial group, we want you to:


  • Engage with all the provided learning materials and tasks.

  • Provide feedback on the course content, delivery method, and practical task effectiveness.

  • Share your overall learning experience and suggest any improvements.

In Return:

Being a part of the trial run group, you'll get:


  • Early access to the comprehensive program focused on evidence-backed nutrition education.

  • The opportunity to shape the future of this program and help us deliver a more impactful learning experience.

  • A comprehensive workbook designed to supplement your learning and track progress.

  • A supportive community fostering interaction, sharing experiences, and networking.

Take the lead, expand your knowledge, debunk the myths, and help us make "What The Fork" a beacon of nutrition information in an ocean of fads. This is your chance to be a part of something groundbreaking and help us create a program that truly delivers!


To apply for the "What The Fork" trial run, [click here](website link). Limited slots available! Embark on this transformational journey with us today.


Week 1


We explore calories and their role as a unit of energy. We discuss the law of thermodynamics and how it relates to calorie balance. You'll learn about BMR, TDEE, TEF, NEAT, and EAT, as well as how to calculate your BMR and TDEE. We'll also introduce tracking methods and touch on the importance of macronutrient and calorie values.

Week 2


Is all about protein. We'll explain the difference between essential and non-essential amino acids and delve into complete protein sources and the best supplements. We discuss the vital role of proteins, including MPS, and provide a wide range of vegetarian and vegan protein sources. Finally, we'll help you understand protein targets based on individual goals.

Week 3


We'll examine fats, explaining what fats are and the foods that contain them. We'll classify and discuss the benefits of saturated and unsaturated fats, as well as recommended consumption amounts and healthy sources. Additionally, we will touch on the optional topic of fats as fuel.

Week 4


We'll explain what carbohydrates are and the various types found in different foods. We discuss the importance and processing of carbohydrates, from sugar to glucose, and delve into the body's natural ability to create essential nutrients. We'll also explore the optional topic of carbohydrates as fuel.

Week 5

Energy Production

Let's Talk about ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and energy production. We'll analyse  how carbs and fats are used for energy and study the necessity of carbohydrates for fast twitch muscle fibers.

Week 6

Fat Loss

We will be discussing strategies for setting up a diet geared towards fat loss. We explain the role of hormones and provide tips for reducing hunger. Additionally, we'll chat about taking diet breaks and forming healthy habits.

Week 7

Muscle Gain

Is all about muscle gain. We'll help you set up a diet focused on building muscle and teach you about protein distribution, intake, and timing. An assessment of potential supplementation considerations will also be discussed.

Week 8


We'll delve into micronutrients, providing insight into vitamins and minerals. You'll learn about their functions and the best food sources for each. We'll also offer tips for maintaining a well-balanced diet and give recommendations tailored for certain groups, such as vegans.

Week 9

Fiber & hydration 

Covers fiber and hydration. You'll learn about the roles of sodium, potassium, and kidneys. We'll teach you about dietary fiber and its benefits, and provide recommendations for daily hydration and fiber amounts.

Week 10

Sleep & Stress

We discuss the importance of sleep and stress management. We'll explain how sleep affects various body functions, as well as the impact of stress on decision making. Additionally, you'll receive practical tips for improving sleep and managing stress effectively.

Week 11


We seek to understand alcohol guidelines and their effects on the body. We'll discuss how alcohol impacts dieting and exercise, and evaluate the effects of alcohol on exercise performance and recovery.

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