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Criteria for the Superpump Program 

1- This program is not designed for beginners. It utilises drop sets to exploit metabolic stress as a driver of muscle hypertrophy. We would recommend at least 6months of training before using this template. 

2 - Trainee's must be capable of holding good technique whilst under fatigue. 

3 - Trainee's who are able to push through painful muscle burn. 

4 - Trainees who have access to normal gym kit

5 - Trainees who are capable of training 5days a week.  

This short program is designed to be used in periods of stagnation to force hypertrophy adaptations and takes advantage of advanced drop sets to drive metabolic stress causing muscle hypertrophy to occur. It's important to ensure your nutrition is adequate of you will fail to add muscle mass. 


This is a 4 Week Hypertrophy Program with 5 sessions per week split into separate body parts. 


Monday - Chest 

Tuesday - Back

Wednesday - Legs 

Thursday - Shoulders

Friday - Arms 

Saturday - Rest 

Sunday. - Rest 

Exercise Selection

You will need access to a standard commercial gym for this program. Exercises have been selected for maximum muscle hypertrophy This is not intended to function as a strength and conditioning program. Unless your athletes are in some serious need of bulking up. We are currently working on a garage or minimal kit access hypertrophy program.