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Criteria for the Strongman Static Power Peaking Program 

1- This is designed to add 3-5% to your max back squat, Deadlift and Log Clean and press.

2 - It is designed for those who are intermediate to advanced. I would suggest at least 1-years worth of strength work before you start to perform maximal attempts. 

3 - Trainnee's must be proficient with log clean and press before starting this.

4 - The only strongman kit you need access to is a log. Other than that all you need access to is barbells dumbells and a few standard commercial machines. If you don't they can be easily replaced with alternatives. 

You don't need exactly 1 year worth of experience to use this program but you must be confident in your ability to execute maximal attempts without technical breakdown. If your technical execution is not sound then it's more likely that you'll suffer from technique break down at higher weights. 


This is an 11-week program which has 3 training session per week. The program also features 2 deload weeks to allow the body to recover from the intense training phases. 

Weekly Structure 

Monday - Deadlift + Assistance 

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - Log + Assistance 

Thursday - Rest 

Friday - Box Squat + Assistance 

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - Rest 

This could be shifted to a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Split but we recommend leaving at least 24hr's between training sessions. 

Exercise Selection

The only strongman kit you need access to for this program is a log. Other than that just standard commercial gym kit is required for assistance exercises.