Stronger, leaner, fitter and a whole lot more confident

What is project strongwoman?

So you have heard about the benefits of strength training for women But you're not sure how or even where to start?  


Interested in learning how to squat, deadlift and bench press but want to ensure your lifting correctly?


Nervous about stepping into the weight section for the first time? 

Project Strongwoman is an online strength and conditioning program that has been specifically designed with beginners in mind. 


The program is designed to help you transform your body whilst developing confidence in and out of the gym. Our Training program is delivered using the best in class mobile software allowing you to take your training with you anywhere you go as well as chat and connect with other members. 

Program details. 

Training takes place 3x per week it's designed to fit around busy lifestyles. We understand that people have a lot going on but this shouldn't mean that their fitness and health should suffer so we have packed all that we need into 3 sessions each week. 

Sessions shouldn't ever be longer than 60mins from start to finish. Again fitness and health shouldn't be a burden it should be effective, enjoyable and not take over your life.

The program is designed with complete beginners in mind we start with mastering the bodyweight equivalents first before we move onto any weighted movements. And then we will begin to progress through different strength exercises until you're ready for the barbell.

So there's no need to worry that you are not fit or strong enough to start your exactly who we are looking to help !

Athletes don't perform random workouts neither should you. 

Athletes don't go to the gym to workout they go to the gym to train. They have a specific plan to follow with specific goals that's why they get results. For you to make constant progress training must be waved with increasing difficulty to force your body to adapt. That exactly what we do best we train athletes. I know what your thinking "but I'm not an athlete" The needs of an Olympic athlete and someone who has no training experience differ by degree not kind. What this means is to have a fit, strong athletic body that not only looks great but is also just as functional the type of training isn't different to that of an Olympic athlete, the difference is the degree of the training how much intensity how much frequency etc. So if you want to look like an athlete you have to train like one. We help you take ownership of your training and make real progress instead of doing a random bunch of workouts without any real foresight. 

7 day Risk-free Trial

Trial the program for 7 days absolutely free of charge. You'll get full access to the training software and program for the 7 days then if you like what you see then you'll be able to sign up. We do not ask for any payment upfront nor will you have to enter any card details until the trial ends. 

$27PCM thereafter

Nutritional education

forget restrictive diets, forget meal plans, forget cutting out bread or other food groups needlessly. in our eyes, the only way to make a lasting impact on a large scale is to educate our members. we want to put the power in your hands when it comes to making dietary choices. meal plans expire knowledge doesn't. We understand that you have a life outside of lifting, maybe kids and a family to feed and it's simply not practical for you to eat something completely different to them. So we delivery our nutritional education in nice easy units that you can work through at your own pace learning about the "why" to empower you to make good nutritional choices for you and your family.  we don't stop there "o" no each month you'll get a convenient recipe book to help you with your meal choices and try new ideas. Also, we'll be on hand to support you throughout in the community.

Download a FREE recipe book

Access your training anytime, anywhere. Take your coach on the go.


Master your technique with instructional videos and clear narrative from our experts.


Track workouts in less than 10 seconds. Bye, bye training notebook.


Post questions and get feedback in the activity feed.


Stack up to the competition every day on our daily + benchmark Leaderboards.


Show off PR’s on your personal athlete profile.

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