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Interested in Working with Devanney Strength?

We only take on a maximum of 20 clients at any one time this is because putting together a bespoke training program and developing a nutritional strategy for each individual takes time we also set aside a significant portion on time for each client each week to ensure the very best service is delivered. Our aim since the beginning has always been to provide a service that is not only head and shoulders above the rest but also exceeds your expectation every time without fail. Every single aspect of your training is built around you and your needs in great detail. Why? because that's the very minimum that we believe you deserve.


Going to the gym without a plan is the number one reason why people fail to see results.

"A goal with out a plan is just a wish....."

-Antoin e de Saint-Exupery 

So what do you get when you sign up? 

- Bespoke Training Program designed by an expert.

- Access to Trainheroic Software - Recieve your programming straight into your smartphone

- Nutritional Education 

- Monthly Recipe Book

- Access to Private Community for technique analysis

- Unlimited access to your coach for questions. 

- Weekly Check-in - Your coach will check in with you each week to see how everything is going.


Have the first month FREE on us - No obligations.

With nothing to lose but a lot to gain slots don't last long.

Remember we have limited availability.

Whom is this service designed for? 

At Devanney Strength we don't believe in only serving a single demographic we believe in helping people to become their very best regardless of your ability age or gender. We aim to show people just how capable they are helping them exceed their own expectations time and time again. To give you an Idea we currently work with children as young as 10 helping them work on fitness and movement quality to those well into their grey years helping them remain fit and active allowing them to retain their independence. On the over side of the coin, we work with elite-level strongman participating at worlds level, powerlifters setting records to police officers who need both strength and fitness while on the job. The needs of an elite athlete and average joe differ by degree not kind! Our only rule is that you must be coachable. 




Our Philosophy. 

For both our training and nutrition we apply the Arrow approach to improving clients. This means that we are able to start you at your current level and move you along the arrow towards the end. Each phase acts as the foundation for the preceding phase allowing continued development and education.  We build our clients on strong foundations and that is why we are so successful in our endevours.

Please see our systematic training and nutrition approach below.

Flexibility + Mobility

In order to move properly & Efficiently you must have a certain level of flexibility and mobility so this is our first step

Core Strength + Control

The muscles that support the trunk must be strengthened. You must demonstrate core strength and stabilisation

Movement Precedes Loading

You must demonstrate the ability to perform fundamental movement patterns. With control and confidence. Moving through exercise progressions.

Strength Endurance + GPP

Develop strength endurance, improve joint integrity and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Training Periodisation

Adaptation, overload, accommodation, specificity and individuality. Begin applying systematic fundamentals to get into peak condition.  

Energy Balance

Understand how calories affect the outcome of a diet and how to work out our requirements


Learn and understand what they are why we need them also what foods contain them.

Micro- Nutrients

Learn and understand what they are why we need them also what foods contain them.

Adjusting a diet

How to adjust a diet to elicit fat loss or muscle gain.

Intuitive eating

A concept for life. Developing a deeper understanding of nutrition.

1-2-1 Coaching can be expensive. What if you could enjoy the benefits of having a strength & conditioning expert at your disposal for less than 25% of the cost?........Oh wait you can!

How we deliver your 



With our online coaching, it doesn't matter where you live or where you train as long as you have access to a smartphone you'll be able to access your program from anywhere in the world.


We use the TrainHeroic Software to deliver your training program directly to your smartphone. We use the TrainHeroic Software because its simply head and shoulders above the rest and is designed specifically for Strength & Conditioning Coaches.


To get an idea of how it works take a look at the video. 


The software allows you to log your workouts in less than 10 seconds a day.  Watch your PR’s soar with real-time analytics and results tracking

Kelly 3.jpg

- Structure 

Without it, your training goals are just dreams. 

- Plan 

Get a grasp on your training with a full calendar view.

- Learn

Become a student of the game. Master the movements with our videos.

- Analyze

Inspect you gain's with our performance charts. 

- Track 

log your training is 10 seconds or follow along step by step. 

- Train

Access your training anytime + anywhere take your coach on the go. 

- Video analysis

Have you lift analysed by your coach with feedback given on how to improve and progress.

Sign up, Show up, 

Leave the planning to us


How Much does online coaching cost? 


Our online coaching costs £55pcm. 

Remember that for this you get. 

- Direct access to a Strength & Conditioning Expert.

- Bespoke programming designed for you as an individual. 

- Access to the best Training software on the planet.

- Nutrition education 

- Monthly Recipe Book (Breakfasts, Lunches,  Dinner, Sides and Desserts yes Desserts!)

- Access to the Community page for technical analysis. 

- Weekly check-in with you Coach.


We are also offering you a Free month allowing you to try the service with no risk the membership is completely in your hands cancel whenever you want. Although I'm sure you going to be blown away by what you receive and wonder why you never got involved before.





Thanks! Message sent.

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