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Criteria for the 12 Week Olympic Weightlifting Peaking Program 

1 - Trainee's must be proficient with the Olympic lifts before starting this program. 

2 - Trainee's must be able to commit to 4 days of training per week. 

3 - Trainee's must have a good idea of their maxes in order to use the correct %'s during the program.

4 - Trainee's who want to improve their competition total. 

This program is big on the basics with a lot of focus on classic lifts and squats. Because of the peaking, we have set this program at an intermediate/advanced level. 


This is a 12 Week Olympic Weightlifting Program  - Set into two phases precompetitive and competitive.


The program has 4 days of lifting each week. 

Monday - Weightlifting 

Tuesday - Weightlifting 

Wednesday - Rest - We recommend that you spend time stretching here 

Thursday - Weightlifting 

Friday - Weightlifting 

Saturday - Rest - We recommend that you spend time stretching here 

Sunday - Rest - We recommend that you spend time stretching here 

Exercise Selection

The exercise selection is very soviet in that there aren't many fancy exercise selections. Lots of work on full lifts, power variations and squat and pull development strength. You will need access to a platform, weightlifting bar and bumper plates. We also recommend the use of Olympic weightlifting shoes, belt and wrist wraps but these aren't a set requirement.