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strongman saturdays

The clue's in the name - It's STRONGMAN, it gets you STRONG.

Strongman training builds true functional, total body strength. The implements used are an odd shape, with no places to grip. They need to be carried, thrown, pressed, pushed or dragged for distance, time or reps. It isn’t easy!  


Strongman training also builds mental grit in abundance ask anyone, who's pulled a van or carried their bodyweight, in each hand for 100m's if they wanted to stop or put the farmers down. Strongman Training by nature will build both strength and cardiovascular conditioning so its great for building muscle and dropping body fat. And let's face it pulling a truck or flipping a tire is just dam cool. Strongman sessions include farmers walk, atlas stones, sandbags, yoke walks, truck pulls and so much more. 


Nothing builds brute strength, like lifting a heavy stone.

Get involved

Strongman takes place on Saturdays mornings, and runs from 10:00-12:00. You don't need any special equipment just some water and normal gym clothing. However, avoid the shiny under-amour type clothing as it can be slippery on equipment. All levels welcome as all weights can be adjusted to make them manageable.

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