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Devanney Strength GYM

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About Us

Building Strength, Fitness & Confidence - Be part of the Elite!

Devanney Strength Gym is a small private Strength and conditioning facility located in the heart of Buckinghamshire.  We specialise in strength training and work with a large variety of clients from competitive strength athletes to those looking to learn lifelong fitness and movement skills. We provide a variety of services scroll down to find out more.


Personal Training 

Building Strength, Confidence and fitness. Whether your goal is to go 9for9 on the platform, start competing in strongman or build life long fitness and movement skills. We are able to help. We are client focused and results driven.

Why not meet one of the coachs for a consultation and chat about your goals.

Team training is designed to bring together like minded lifters looking to train together. Programming and coaching provided for powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting and strongman.

4xweekly Training sessions


Team Training

Sports Massage

Keep Your body firing on all cylinders with a deep tissue sports massage.     30-60 min appointments available. With home appointments also available.   

The Weekends are for trucks, yokes farmers carries and stones in other words if it's not strongman I'm not interested. Group Strongman and strongwoman sessions on the weekends. All levels welcome to take part.

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Our Coaches 

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Jordan Devanney

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Dean Collins

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