Our Mission

Our mission is simple we want to help people realise their physical and mental potential. To develop a physically robust body and an indomitable will to match. Allowing them to handle the daily rigours of life with ease ultimatly living life to the very fullest. 

How do we do this? 

We begin with a movement and flexiblity assesment to find any restrictions or faults. This lays the inital foundation of the direction we will need to take. During this stage we take time to listen to the individual to discover what drove them to begin training or seeking help in the first place. After our inital meeting the we begin putting pen to paper yes im old skool like that. We start to develop and strategise a strength and conditioning program for the individual. We then assist and coach them throught program. 

Why do we do this?

Firstly we take time to learn and asses the indivudal. Looking for movement faults and restrictions and learning what makes them tick what is the best way to engourage them. We then develop a specific training regiem that develops strength and endurcnace in a multitdue of movement planes as well as 




Let's go back way to when this all began. There I'am sat at my desk bored to death in a commercial gym wondering if I had made the right decision regarding the direction in which I should take my life. I'd pretty much aid the running of day to day operations inducting members into the gym, cleaning the kit and just being a general handy man. We used to provide our members with a basic induction and proivde them with a general training program that mostly consisted of some CV work then onto the machines. To be honest while this was more than what most gyms offer its by no means the service I believe you should recive when you sign up to a training facility. I decided that if I was going to survive the day to day drag I might as well immerse my self fully. I set about adjusting the way I would perfrom inductions.  Before we even got into fitness and training I wanted to learn about them why are they here what are they trying to achieve and how can we strategise their goals. I'd then move onto a flexiblity and mobility assesment. Checking for any poetntial limitations or restrictions.  Then I'd sit down and put the strategy into plan no only helping them achieve their goals. I decresaed the check in period to half of the oringal time to 2 weeks this allowed me to check in on a more regular basis and make adjustments faster thereby improving te service I delivered and dramtically improved their results. It worked and it worked well I strarted to look forward to going to work and when I was there I would be busy all day. I wasn't long until I had a bin bag full of 5star comment cards and people activly trying to book consultations with me. I managed to implement this across the board and improve the gyms member retention rate 10 fold. 



The needs of an Olympic athlente and average joe differ not by kind but by degree. Our vision with project strongwoman is simple we want to destroy female body standards replacing the aspiration of slimness and replacing it with building a stronger fitter, more resilient body by encouraging more woman to take up strength training and showing them just how empowering it can be. 




Devanney Strength was founded on the motto "Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam" which translates to - I'll either find a way or make one. We are a global strength and conditioning organisation, based in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. We have a relentless commitment to help our community exceed their own expectations. Providing personal training, strength and conditioning sessions in personal or small group settings. Also, extending our reach with online coaching to help strength athletes around the world. Catering for complete beginners all the way up to competitive athletes. 


It started back in 2012, realising the potential the barbell held to positively impact both physical and mental development. This is what drove our passion in the beginning and it still does today.  The Devanney Strengths story is one of grit, perseverance and, integrity.  



We pride ourselves on consistency, dependability, and thoroughness.


We aim to maintain an environment that is upbeat, friendly, and full of passion every single day. 


N0 4-week fads or milkshake diets here.
Real Results for Real people.


The pursuit of constant improvement and unwavering commitment to our community.


Practice what you preach. Do what you say you will do. Finish what you start.

The D.S Method

The D.S method is about more than simply lifting weights – our method encompasses the entire physical and mental development of our community.


We take the best aspects from Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding and, Strongman – combining them into a hybrid program. This results in our clients being strong, resilient and athletic.

meet the team

Jordan Devanney

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Can calculate the weight of any loaded barbell in sub 3's, self-confessed barbell snob and most handsome man in the world according to his mum.

Dean collins

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The number 1 twin according to himself. Some say he's the best masseuse in Aylesbury, he can work out a knot in sub 5 seconds.  


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Can Identify any font within 300 yards. Strongman competitor, currently holding the title of Britains Strongest Natural U105kg.