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Criteria for the Beginner Strength Training Program 

1- Have No previous experience with free weight exercises or even doing any form of strength training. (if you have been training with barbells for some time this training program isn't appropriate for you)

2 - Trainee's who wish to ensure the correct movement patterns are developed properly before moving into higher intensity strength training programs.

3 - Younger Trainee's who are just beginnings to get into strength training. 

4 - Trainee's looking to perform whole-body strength training sessions. 

After this program is completed we recommend moving onto a different program to ensure new adaptations are made. This program serves and an introduction to strength training and not a viable way to continually get stronger. 


This is a 16 Week Strength and Conditioning Program 

1 - Training takes place 3times each week.

2 - Each Session focus on the strength of the entire body.

3 - Periodisation focuses on exercise difficulty as opposed to weight or rep increases. While both of these will naturally occur the goal is to work from basic air squats through to paused barbell box squats. 

Monday - Training 

Tuesday - Rest 

Wednesday - Training 

Thursday - Rest 

Friday - Training 

Saturday - Rest 

Sunday - Rest. 

Exercise Selection

Exercises selection is the focus of this program. It starts out by allowing you to master bodyweight movements then it gradually moves through the exercise variations allowing you to build strength whilst focusing on developing the correct movement patterns.