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Criteria for the Beginner Hypertrophy Program 

1- This program is no Joke its 6 months long, yes 6 months of hypertrophy specific training periodisation. 

2 - This program is designed to maximise muscular development of the body 

3 - This program is designed for beginners but you must be familiar with basic barbell movements. If you are unsure or haven't been in the gym before we recommend the Beginner Strength Training Program to help you build your movement patterns first then moving onto this program afterwards. 

4 - Trainees who have access to normal gym kit

5 - Trainees who are capable of training 5days a week. (end-stage hypertrophy) 

In order to maximise your result, we recommend you really focus on your nutrition during this program to fully support its muscle-building effects. You cannot outwork a bad diet when it comes to adding muscle mass to your frame. 


This is a 24 Week Hypertrophy Program  - Becuase of the length it utilises multiple training frequencies and splits. 

1 - Week's 1 - 12 utilises 3x whole-body training per week. With three different phases where exercises and rep ranges are adjusted. 

2 - Week 13 - 20 utilises 4x training 2x upper and 2x lower per week. With an increase in lifting volume over the phase. 

3 - Week 21 - 24 utilises 5x training body part split each week. 

Exercise Selection

You will need access to a standard commercial gym for this program. Exercises have been selected for maximum muscle hypertrophy This is not intended to function as a strength and conditioning program. Unless your athletes are in some serious need of bulking up. We are currently working on a garage or minimal kit access hypertrophy program.