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Criteria for the Anti Fragile Warm-up 

1- This is designed to be added before your normal workouts.

2 - It can be used by beginners all the way to advanced.

3 - Its purpose is to raise the core body temperature, promote trunk stiffness and prepare the joints for the intense training that is about to follow. 

4 - You will need access to things like bands and Kettlebells 

In order to maximise performance, we need to ensure the body is firing on all cylinders. This warm-up routine warms and prepares your body for hard training. When it comes to warm-ups I always remember something a teacher used to tell the class if fail to prepare then prepare to fail.


This is a 4-week template than can be used over and over again. Includes both lower and upper body warm-ups. 

Exercise Selection

Basic kit needed only  such as a few kettlebell or dumbbells and some bands of cables